What is the program?

The 30-Day Lost and Found program is designed to help you gain clarity on exactly who you are, how you operate, and what your superpowers are. This program will change the trajectory of your life! With knowledge comes power, with directed power comes achievement.

Why did I (Justin Rambo) create this program?

"I have spent too many years of my life feeling lost, feeling stuck, feeling like I am not smart enough, unsure of what to do next. I have spent too many years of my life with a temper, not understanding the world around me, not understanding who I was, and not knowing what my superpowers were or how to use them. But I have always wanted more out of life. It was not until I found myself, gained clarity on who I was, found my superpowers (gifts and talents) that my life started to change. It was then my life started taking on a whole new meaning. It was then that my wanting more out of life started to become a reality. Listen to me, I was LOST and now I am FOUND. I have since opened 2 businesses, wrote a book in 6 weeks, started a podcast, and so much more to come. If you feel anything like I once DID, then this program is for you!" ~Founder Justin Rambo

How will it help you?

This program is designed to help you through the administration of the D.I.S.C assessment, personal development plan, weekly discussions, weekly assignments, and group support. You will feel empowered, you will have a greater sense of self-awareness, and you will discover your personality traits leading to uncovering your superpowers. At the end of the 30-Days, you will have a new roadmap to your life, thus changing its trajectory!


If the days and times do not work for you, send your suggestions to info@versatilesuccess.com

Virtual group trainings Sunday(s) 9am EST & Wednesday(s) 7pm EST

  • 1 Weekly assignment

  • 1 Weekly email

  • 1 Weekly motivational/educational video

  • Weekly individual office hours available


  • See below


What's included?

Measures your personality and behavior style. It is also a personal assessment tool used to improve:

• Work Productivity

• Leadership skills

• Teamwork Utilization

• Sales Skills

• Communication

• & much more!

Identifying Who You Are & Your Superpowers


Arguably the most important piece. Knowing who you are is the foundation to which you will build upon. This is where we start to identify your key strengths which will allow you to excel!

Personal Development Plan

($247 Value)

Your tailored personal development plan. 

Free 1 Month Membership

($57 Value)

Enjoy the perks of our  Versatile Success Membership. To be utilized after the program has ended for one month.

8 Personal Development Strategy


($497 Value)

Group education and personal development learning and implementation sessions. Weekly emails and assignments

D.I.S.C Assessment & Breakdown

($147 Value)

Total Program Value = Over $900+

Program Cost = $397

No refunds. Commitment is key.

 We are only accepting 10 participants per group as we want to keep this small and intimate maximizing life long impact. First come first serve.

Do not second guess yourself, you need this! Click the register now button today!

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