Goal Setting Program

30-Day Success Action Plan 

30-Day Success Action Plan 

What is the program?

The 30-Day Success Action Plan Course consists of online modules and a workbook geared towards helping you plan and complete a 30-day goal. The structure of the action plan allows you to utilize help aids surrounding your goal while combining the structure of an action plan to obtain it.

Why and who was the program created by?

This course was created by Justin Rambo: founder and president of Versatile Success. Justin is known by family and friends as one who takes action. If he says he is going to do it, he does it. From starting his first business to starting a podcast, creating courses, writing his first book, and creating this company, Justin clearly is not someone who just talks the talk.

The reason this course was created is that Justin realized what most people lack when it comes to taking action. He realized that they lack structure and more importantly the small things surrounding the completion of the goal. Furthermore, he noticed when he did complete certain goals, he was then able to apply the same principles to complete the next goal. With the completion of a bunch of small goals comes the collective completion of a big goal.

What problems does the program solve and how will it help the user?

The reason some people have a hard time completing a goal is that they only have the goal in their head or they have JUST the goal written down but no structure to go along with it.

This course will help you with structure and planning. You can also apply the principles and tactics in the course to any future goals you have. The most important step is the first one. Completing your 30-day goal is one of the first steps in taking your life to the next level.

Who is this program for?

This course is built for the following types of individuals: if you

  • Want more out of life

  • Have dreams and goals

  • Are not clear on what you should be doing with your life

  • Feel stuck in life

  • You never follow through with your goals

  • You feel like you have not accomplished enough

Knowing you need and want to achieve something is great! Actually achieving it is better. What’s greater than better? Knowing you can always apply the same principles towards other goals. It’s a domino effect, once you complete one goal, you can then move onto the next and start really making some moves in your life

What comes with this course?

  • (3) Weekly Worksheets

  • (3) Weekly Videos

  • (1) PDF Workbook



Program Overview

  • Setting the goal

  • Creating the elimination distraction plan

  • Creating the mental saturation plan

Week 1 = Setting the Stage

  • Finding your reason & dream life visualization

  • Life lessons

  • Reflection

Week 2 = Never Giving Up

  • Victory is yours

  • Never giving up

  • Recap

Week 3 = Laying the Mental Foundation

  • Creating your mantra

  • Your superpower

  • Recap

Week 4 = Celebrating YOU!

  • Wordplay

  • Your next 30-Day goal

  • recap

Average amount of time each module/ worksheet takes?

  • 15 - 30 minutes

Let’s get started today!

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