Personal Development Program

30-Day Mindset Shift Course

30-Day Mindset Shift Program

What is the program?

The 30-Day Mindset Shift course consists of online modules and a workbook geared towards helping you fully discover and understand who you are. In doing so, you will realize your purpose and potential. From there, you will feel fully confident and clear in your vision! This will allow you to start chasing your dreams.


Why and who was the course created by?

This course was created by Justin Rambo: founder and president of Versatile Success. From 2014 – current, Justin has studied and taken a deep dive into Personal Development which has transformed his life. Personal Development has made his vision and mission clear; it has helped mend broken relationships, it has helped him fully understand who he is and what his capabilities are. Not only that, Personal Development led him to launch his second business and ditch his 9-5.


The bedrock of your success is Personal Development! The 30-Day Mindset Shift course was created for those who want to do more, have more, and become more in life. If you feel there is more to life and you were meant for greater, this course was created for you!


What problems does the program solve and how will it help the user?

Here is the problem. Many of us feel and know that we are meant for more in life, many of us have dreams and goals. Some people may not have a clear vision for what it is they want to do, and others just find it hard to get started. This course solves the problem for people who don’t have a clear vision. It helps you identify who you truly are, what your strengths and weaknesses really are, how to set goals and write out your vision. For the people who have a hard time getting started on their goals and dreams, this course will help you set goals, create habits, and step into your potential. In short, this course helps you fully understand yourself through the power of Personal Development which you will then use to chase your dreams.


Who is this program for?

This course is built for the following types of individuals: if you

  • Want more out of life

  • Know you are destined to do more with your life

  • Have dreams and goals

  • Are not clear on what you should be doing with your life

  • Feel stuck in life

  • Hate your 9-5 job

  • Want to live life on your own terms

  • Struggling with personal issues

  • Want to understand yourself better

What comes with this program?

  • (3) Weekly Worksheets

  • (Daily) Emails

  • (3) Weekly Videos

  • (1) PDF Workbook

  • (1) Physical Workbook (optional, shipping costs will apply)


Program Overview

Week 1 = Self-Awareness Through Self-Assessment

  • Who are you

  • Strengths & weaknesses

  • Growth spots

Week 2 = Goal Setting

  • Setting a goal

  • Smart goals

  • Goals to habits

Week 3 = Lifestyle Improvements

  • Demolition day

  • Refurbishing & re-branding

  • Negotiable & non-negotiable

Week 4 = Upgrade

  • The 5 year you

  • Tools

  • Potential

The average amount of time each module/ worksheet takes?

  • 15 - 30 minutes​



Sometimes we need a little nudge to get there and this 30-Day program is the little nudge you need. After this course, you will have laid a solid foundation for which you will build upon, and from there you will start to create momentum towards your life goals! ​ You can’t place a price on personal growth and changing the trajectory of your life. The only price that comes at a loss is when you do nothing at all. 30-Days to a bigger, better, bolder you? Let’s GO! Sign up TODAY!

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