3 tips to find yourself and refocus your life!

Often times we feel as if our life is adrift in the unforgiving sea in life’s ocean. This can cause us to lose self-worth, self-identity, confidence, self-esteem, and more. If this is you, you are not alone, and this is where personal development comes into play.

One could surmise that the vast majority of the human population feels lost in their life from time to time or season to season.

The trick is, not to stay in the mental prison, pick yourself up, and go forward in life. How do you do that? Well, here are 3 proven ways to help you set your sails in life’s ocean. A three-prong strategy we use with our clients in our personal development company.

1) Discover or Re-discover yourself (Month 1)

You need to build on a solid foundation of YOU. There are plenty of ways to do this and no single magic pill. We often have our clients (1-on-1 or Group) journal about their life to gain clarity and establish a foundation. From there we do a Deep Dive Self-Discovery along with administering and breaking down their DISC Assessment results.

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Next, you have to fully understand (1) where you are now, (2) where you want to be, and (3) what you need to do to get where you want to go. With that comes the creation of your Life Affirmation, which we also help our clients discover (1-on-1 or Group). You need to repeat your Affirmation daily!

As a HUGE part of personal development, here is a list of more discovery questions: Ask yourself these questions and dig deep.

· Why are you the way you are?

· What is your why (your reason for wanting better)?

· What do you need to heal?

· What do you need to acknowledge?

· What are your life’s controllables?

· And more…

2) Take Action! (Month 2)

Setting a short-term goal based on who you are, your why, and something you are passionate about will chart a course for you in life’s ocean. You will begin to have a sense of pride, accomplishment, and purpose. All of these things will help boost your self-worth, self-identity, confidence, self-esteem, and more because you are moving in a direction that is tied directly to YOU. Action as we say is one of the greatest “cures” to feeling stuck or lost. After you have completed month 1, you have a solid foundation to “build” on. You just have to make sure the goal for month 2 is measurable & manageable. Break it down into small actionable steps and complete it. We also notice that most of our clients have trouble with goal setting. If you need help with this phase, don’t hesitate to reach out. Believe it or not, action is a critical component of personal development.

3) Re-Assessment & Character Traits (Month 3)

This is where you re-assess the last 2 months and start to really formulate what it is you want to do, and how you want to do it. We also look at what felt most natural, what needs work, what you like, what you don’t like, and a whole lot more.

From there – you need to figure out which traits you need to utilize to sustain the new trajectory (see example chart). Call it fuel for the journey, personal development is a life-long journey! You mix the traits needed with leaning into your known strengths (superpowers) and strengths specified from your DISC Assessment or equivalent, then take more action!

Often times we are not playing to our strengths or we are playing someone else’s game in life. It is time to start playing YOUR GAME!


Step 1 – Discover or re-discover yourself and lay the foundation

Step 2 – Set a goal, take action, and complete it

Step 3 - Re-assess and enter character traits for long-term sustainment and growth

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