The Story of Adonis and Khan

Updated: May 29, 2019

There were two young men who went camping in the woods, Adonis and Khan, both in their early twenties. They were vibrant, healthy, strong, full of optimism, and ready to explore. The first day of their camping trip included hunting, cooking, eating, and drinking a lot of beer. They drank so much beer that Adonis went for a walk, he didn’t realize how far he had walked and found himself far away from the campsite. When Adonis did not return twenty minutes later, Khan went out looking for him. Khan grew tired after searching for a long time, so he decided to rest by a tree as day had turned into night. He ended up falling asleep by that tree! When he woke up, he had no idea how he wandered so far, or how to get back to the campsite.

Khan wandered for hours and hours trying to find his way back to the campsite, hoping to find Adonis along the way, and trying to follow the same route he thought he had taken the day before. On his walk, he kept tripping over these large rectangular rocks that seemed to come out of nowhere. They were the size of his foot, and all somehow looked the same. He would walk for a while, and then trip. He’d walk some more, and then trip again. This began to irritate him and make him go crazy. It began to get dark again, and he decided to rest as he hadn’t made any progress and was still lost. He woke up to continue the same routine of trying to find his way to camp, and to hopefully find Adonis. After an hour of aimlessly walking, he trips over the same type of rectangular rock from the previous day, and thinks, “NOT AGAIN!”. After a second time, he falls! Khan has gone from tripping over these seemingly magical rocks to falling over them as he is growing agitated and weary. This happens continuously as he tries to find his way back to his camp, and he was growing completely exhausted and aggravated from constantly tripping and falling over these seemingly unnecessary rectangular rocks in his way. Khan decided to rest for one more day and give it another try on the third day.

On the third day Khan is having no luck in finding Adonis or the campsite. To make matters worse, these rectangular rocks are popping up faster and are more than double the size that they had been on the previous two days. He became hesitant to even step because he feared tripping and falling. His hands, knees, elbows, and feet are now battered and bruised. Khan even started hallucinating that there were hundreds of more rocks in his way. He was exhausted, dehydrated, hungry, and eager to find his friend and their campsite. He was just starting to give up, thinking he would never find his way back, when he heard a familiar voice.

“Khan!”, yelled Adonis. Boy was Khan happy to see him. Khan even touched Adonis’s arm to make sure he was not hallucinating. Adonis, who was in a chipper mood and helped Khan to his feet to get them both back to their campsite. Adonis began to explain the amazing story of these huge rectangular rocks that were on his way back to the campsite after he wandered off on the first night. “You saw the rocks too?”, asked Khan shockingly. “They almost killed me!” Khan continued, still weak from all of the times he tripped and fell over them. Khan asked Adonis, “How did they not bother you?”. “Bother me?”, replied Adonis. “These rocks not only helped me find the campsite, but they provided me with valuable life lessons and wisdom!” Adonis explained that these rocks were magical, and that after he tripped the first time, he picked the next one up. He explained, “When you pick the rock up and turn it over, you’ll see a problem or challenge to solve. When you solve the problem or complete the challenge, the rock disintegrates and reveals the precise path to follow. These rocks repeatedly were in my path until I was led back to our campsite.” Adonis went on to say that he realized that every problem he has solved pertained to an area of his life that he had been struggling in. By solving the problems and completing the challenges on the rocks, he was actually solving internal conflicts and learning how to overcome challenges that he has dealt with his whole life. Looking back on his journey back to the campsite, Adonis realized that he has indeed enjoyed the journey because he was able to see how facing the problems, completing the challenges, and solving them were able to propel him towards his destination and become successful. In fact, since he was able to make it to his destination, he was able to save Khan’s life as well as his own. Adonis was wise in realizing that the rocks along the way could give him wisdom and understanding, changing the trajectory of his walking path, and ultimately, his life.

The moral of the story is that there are two kinds of people: There are people that see setbacks as failures, and there are people that see setbacks as lessons to keep moving forward, learning, and enjoying the journey. Just as children are always full of optimism, excitement, and courage, both Adonis and Khan began their journey this way. Once they were thrown off their paths, Khan looked at every trip, stumble, and fall as a frustrating setback. He almost gave up. However, Adonis saw the lesson within each stone blocking his path and used them to his advantage. A lot of people take Khan’s approach in life and never allow themselves to see the success just after passing the hurdles. Those who think like Adonis are often the ones to succeed in life. Once you start to enjoy the journey and allow yourself to learn from what may seem like a setback, your life will change for the better, thus changing the trajectory of your life.

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