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Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Reinforcement of the Reticular Activation System

Hi, my name is Justin Rambo. I am the President and Founder of Versatile Success LLC. The wild story of how and why I formed this company will come out later. For now, I want to give you a little insight into how I was able to use my thoughts and habits to start not only this business but also my first business.

Everyone has a story, a completely different life, and no individual is the same as the next. I obviously do not know much about you, the reader, but I can safely say that I do know one thing. You hunger for more- to do more, to be more, and to have more in life. In my upcoming book, I wrote about the reticular activating system. This part of your brain has a job to act as an information filtration system for all of our perceptions, such as external stimuli, feelings, and thoughts. This system allows your brain to subconsciously categorize what is a priority to you based on your own perceptions. This categorizing is based on familiarities, such as surroundings, people, and the feeling of familiar safety. In order to satisfy your hunger, you must do and be more- and reprogram your reticular activating system. Place yourself within the things you want, and surround yourself with people you strive to be like. Become your own role model by placing yourself in the situations that you would be in if you arrived at where you desired to already be.

I was listening to Terrell Owens, a former world-class NFL standout wide receiver and Hall of Famer. He wasn’t the most naturally talented player on the field. He had to work hard for it. What I remember the most from the interview was when Owens said that in his rookie season, he would over-hear the high-level conversations between wide receiver Jerry Rice, and Steve young- both arguably the best players of their time. You see, Owens was constantly listening to the people around him that played strongly, and better than he was at the time. He listened to the ones who were already at the level he was striving to be at, and those who had already worked themselves to be extremely successful. Being around those conversations allowed him to become a student of the game in a way, and this open mindset encouraged a different way of thinking and seeing. His reticular activating system was now filtering what he needed in order to become an elite player. Think of the reticular activating system as your defense mechanism or security force. The stronger the defense, the more likely it is that you will naturally keep the things hindering you on the outside of your mind, thus allowing and filtering more positivity in, and that will ultimately help you achieve your goals. One of the most imperative things to consider is your specific hindrances. Earlier in this book, I explained that I had chosen to stop listening to music during my free time and I had instead replaced music with motivational and educational content. As harmless as music may sound, the words within a lot of music speaks about things that don’t serve our purposes or fuel the wrong types of emotions for our growth. Yes, of course, I still listen to music from time to time as I strongly believe in balance. However, now I am more conscious about choosing to listen to things that serve my purpose and propel me to prosper.

By saturating myself with what I want, my reticular activating system is now filtering out what does not belong within my mind or environment. My thought patterns have become different, I speak differently, I carry myself differently, and my mindset has changed in its entirety. Saturating myself with everything I wanted to be has led me to become a version of me that is able to fulfill my mission. Is it easy at first? Of course not. But is it possible? Absolutely. You are a product of your environment, especially in a mental capacity. Sometimes, you may not be able to change your physical environment, but you are completely capable of changing your mental environment- especially with all of the tools available to us today. The only excuse is fear- fear of what others will say, the lack of confidence in your own abilities to arrive at your desired destination. I am telling you that you truly can let the fear go. What you decide to do with your life has the potential to affect not only those around you now but also every one after you. You don’t need to focus specifically on changing how your reticular activating system works. It does that on its own. You must, however, saturate your mind with the things that you desire and the tools that will help you become who you are determined to become.

Energy, Vibration, and the Ripple Effect

Energy creating new neuro pathways

The definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Success can be found in a multitude of areas. You can find success within a marriage, career, finances, friendship, or life in general. You need to choose to put all of your energetic thought into it. “Think and so shall you become.” Let’s look at my mantra one more time.

I am a hard-working family man who will stop at nothing in order to achieve physical, mental, emotional, and monetary success in order to break generational curses and create generational wealth.

Your thoughts are energy, and what you think, you will become. Since I am saying my mantra to myself repeatedly, my mind is putting all of its energy forward to make this a reality. My mind works to find the resources to make this mantra happen, and my mind is creating these specific ripples within my life. It is nearly impossible to keep repeating this with purpose, day in and day out, week after week, and month after month, without taking physical action. The energy of my thoughts became actions, and now the energy of my actions is becoming the result. It takes a lot more energy to think positive thoughts rather than negative thoughts as dictated by societal norms. It’s easy to compare your life to someone else, it’s easy to blame someone else for what you lack, and it’s easy to make yourself feel temporarily better by shifting the focus of energy elsewhere to avoid feeling the burden or pain that comes with life’s ups and downs. People who feel like a failure tend to blame their upbringing or lack of resources. Successful people do the opposite, even when they come from challenging situations. Successful people understand that their upbringing and lack of resources have given them valuable life-lessons that brought them to where they are today. Successful people use challenges as fuel, such as Dr. Eric Thomas did, and they allow their lack of resources to teach them to be more resourceful, as Tony Robbins would say.

I have just explained the mental shift that takes place when you focus specifically on where your energy is going. Once you make changes to your thought patterns and your focus, the energy you put out will also change. Successful people learn lessons from their surroundings and figure out solutions to their problems. If your current actions and thoughts are not in alignment with what you want, you will have to make a significant shift in your chosen thought process. You can’t move forward when you’re focused on negative past experiences and the lack of resources. The focus is now on resourcefulness and using lessons from the past to springboard you into success. Saturating your brain with what you want and where you want to be is the start of the renewing of your mind! Where energy goes, energy flows.

Successful people focus their thoughts on positivity and solutions rather than blame, shame, guilt, and worry. This does not mean that all you must do is change your thoughts and things will change, such as telling your brain “Think this way instead!” Yes, it does start with changing your specific thought pattern, but it also means that you must surround yourself with content and an environment that aligns with where you want to be. When you start to do those things, you are effectively changing your mind’s energy flow and will start to attract that very same energy flow into your life. Does this happen overnight? Of course not. This takes time, discipline, and effort. You must prove to yourself and the universe that you are ready to receive what it is that you are asking for. You must constantly and obsessively “Feed your mind!” The interesting part is, your new-found behavior will start to become a habit and your intentional changes will no longer feel like a chore. Money, a new career, a new relationship, and material items will not bring you the type of success that you are looking for. The renewing of your mind by focusing on positivity and putting yourself in the right environment is how you will start to understand and attract success. This success will transcend into the different aspects of your life. Here is a great recommendation: Listen to ten minutes of motivational speaking via YouTube per day. Energy is vibration. Which level or frequency are you vibrating on to grow closer to achieving your goals? Are you attracting the right vibrations into your life by being the right vibration? What signal are you sending out, and what signal are you attracting? Remember, energy goes where energy flows.

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