Repetition - Reversing the curse!

I believe that everything in life is somehow connected. The same rules that govern our universe are the same rules that govern our planet. The rules that govern our planet are the same rules that govern our life. Repetition can be defined as continuously doing, repeating, or writing the same thing again and again. One thing nature teaches us is that every year there are four seasons, and every year there will be an earthquake, tornado, or hurricane somewhere in the world. Every day the sun will rise and every day the sun will set. Human beings learn from repetition. We grow from repetition, and we build our lives around repetition whether we realize it or not. The difference within the successful individual is the type of repetition that governs his or her life.

Certain places in the United States are known for their natural disasters. What we find different about the places that are known for their natural disasters are the different infrastructures of buildings, homes, and bridges, versus the places not known for their natural disasters. We have adapted our daily lives based on nature’s repetition.

As my belief says that everything in life is somehow connected, I also believe that our bodies, thoughts, and lives are based around natural repetition. Everyone knows that if you want to build muscle, you must perform certain exercises in a repetitious manner in order to stress the muscle so that it adapts and grows stronger. You cannot simply perform one repetition and expect to see the change you want. Look at what top-notch athletes do to elevate their game. Kobe Bryant, arguably one of the greatest Professional Basketball players to ever play in the NBA, is known for how he played in games and his work ethic in practice. To become one of the greatest players in NBA history, he’d spend his off-seasons making 2,000 shots a day. Not taking, making! When it came to game time, it looked effortless. His body had engaged in so many repetitions that it automatically knew what to do. Most of us look in awe when we see a professional athlete make an amazing play. What people do not realize is that some of this is done involuntarily, without even thinking, due to the endless hours of repetition, exercises, drills, or plays the athlete has repetitiously worked on. I first became aware of Odell Beckham Jr. when he made the amazing one-arm behind the head catch in 2014 against the Dallas Cowboys. This is the catch that made him a household name. The more I watched him during his pre-game warmups, I noticed him making these acrobatic one-hand catches. I realized then that the amazing catch in 2014 was just a result of his repetitious practice. If our bodies can adapt through repetition, then can’t our brains as well?

Do you remember when you first started learning how to write letters as a child? You would sit and trace the same letters over and over, familiarizing yourself with the curves and lines that create the letter, until you were able to involuntarily write these letters correctly and legibly.

If I asked you what 2 + 2 is, 10 – 5, 10 / 2, or 5 X 2, you would be able to answer all of these without thought, and within seconds. Remember, there was a time when you could not do that. Even after learning it once or twice, you’d still need to take the time to think about it. The difference between then and now is the amount of repetition you’ve done over the years. There was nothing physical about it, just mental repetition. This alone proves that our brains can be wired to think and act within a certain way through intentional repetition. Since this is the case, it means that anything you seriously set your mind to, you can do. For me, mental saturation, affirmations, and mantras are all forms of repetition. If I am constantly hearing something, what will happen? I begin to integrate what I’ve been hearing, and I start to think and behave in that manner. Repetition and work ethic are cousins, not twins. Please do not mistake repetition and work ethic as meaning the same thing. If you combine the two, you will see magic. A strong work ethic repeated over time, day in and day out, week after week, month after month, and year after year will allow you to produce your dreams, goals, and visions long-term. You will have more, do more, and become more.

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