The Culmination of Saturation

Michael Phelps would not be referenced as the greatest swimmer of all time if he didn’t choose to saturate himself in water, engaging in intense practices and putting all of his energy forward in competitions. Mark Zuckerberg would not have had the ability to create Facebook if he didn’t choose to saturate himself in technology, building the knowledge that would lead him to see what was missing in social media. Usain Bolt would not be considered one of the greatest sprinters in the world if he had never completely dedicated himself to the sport of track and field. Oprah Winfrey would not be considered one of the most influential women of our generation had she not engaged herself within media and journalism. A shark is only effective when saturated in water. Beethoven saturated himself in music, and this allowed him to be considered one of the greatest musicians. The culmination of saturation distinctly defines who you are and who you will become, whether you choose to be saturated with positive or negative influences. One of the greatest gifts we have is the gift of choice, and by choice, we can choose who we want to become. The definition of “become” is to come into existence. We have a limited power of choice as a child, but our individuality and independence increase with age. While it can be difficult to break the cycles which typically holds us back, it is necessary that we find the strength within ourselves to saturate our minds with positivity, choose productive environments, and allow ourselves to do more, have more, and become more. It is time to stop with the excuses, as change only happens when you want something bad enough. If what you have been doing your entire life isn’t working the way you have planned so far or the way you want it to go, then isn’t it time for a change? Change begins with mental saturation.

The most difficult part of starting something new is simply just starting. Of course, an outlined plan of action is great, but the first step is the most important to create consistent momentum. If we do not take the first step, then we cannot see the plan of action necessary to arrive at our end-goal. Think of it this way: You step into a cloud of fog, which inhibits your sense of direction. You can’t tell which way is East, West, North, or South. You’re left with two choices. You can stay in the fog and hope that it will dissipate, or you can walk in a direction and try to get out of the fog. When you take a step, you’re able to make out a silhouette of something, and then another step gives you a general sense of where you are. Now that you are moving in a direction consistently in the fog, things have started to become clearer. You start to see the environment and now know where you are. Since you know where you are, you now know the next step towards your path out of the fog. It is simple. In order to start taking action towards your dreams and goals, you must act.

You must move!

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