The Secret Sauce To Finding Your Strengths A.K.A. Superpowers

Let’s first start by talking about why knowing and using your strengths are important.

First, it allows you to go about your day-to-day with more confidence, drive, and passion. It also allows you to become your own superhero. That’s right… I went there lol!

In all seriousness, let me paint the picture as simple as possible.

The Marvel Comic superhero Black Panther’s superhuman strengths A.K.A. superpowers are:

  • Superhuman Senses

  • Enhanced Strength

  • Enhanced Speed & Agility

  • Enhanced Durability

  • Enhanced Healing

  • Enhanced Reflexes

He does not have:

  • Flying Abilities

  • X-Ray Vision

  • Teleportation Powers

I will get off the superhero horse in a second, but let’s say that Black Panther didn’t realize what his superpowers were and only focused on the ones he didn’t actually have. What scenarios would arise if he tried to be something he is not, if he tried to focus on what he didn’t have, and simply never cared to discover what he already does have?

  • Missed opportunities

  • Inability to positively impact others

  • Devaluing of self-worth

  • Shattered confidence

  • No real understanding of himself and his abilities

  • Wouldn’t be considered a superhero

  • Would feel lost and stuck

Why? Because he would be trying to force something that is not based on who he is and his divinely given strengths A.K.A. superpowers!

This is why I say knowing, understanding, and using your strengths A.K.A. superpowers is of the utmost importance.

Many times, self-doubt sneaks-in because we are operating with someone else’s playbook.

Many times, life’s confusion’s sneak-in because we are doing What others do and HOW they do it, instead of playing to our own unique strengths A.K.A. superpowers.

Many times, we stall our own progress by not taking action on something, the more action you take, the more you will discover the hidden strengths you already have.

So… how do we discover our strengths A.K.A. superpowers?

Do you want the secret sauce?

Step 1 is finding, setting, and building your foundation because it speaks to who you truly are. Once you start to understand who you truly are, you will then start to discover some of your strengths A.K.A. superpowers. Well, how do you find, set, and build your foundation? That’s a separate process that I can help you with within my FREE discovery call… click here to book.

Don’t worry, I can’t leave you hanging like that… here are some ways you can start unearthing your TRUE foundation.

1. Journal about your life… this will help you see things in a BIG PICTURE type of way, kind of like a bird’s eye view. Check out my Online Program if you need help with this.

2. Ask people who know you questions about yourself… sometimes our perceptions of ourselves may be different than what other people may notice.

3. Pause for deep reflection on the actions of your life… often times our true strengths come out when we are in action. What common denominators do you see, what are the patterns, good or bad?

4. Take a look at the “negatives” … look, I know this one sounds weird, but I believe in balance, yin & yang, night & day! So, with every negative, there is also a positive right?

Example: I was known as the kid with a temper. Once managed, I realized that when I would get really angry, I would put all my focus and energy behind what I was passionate about to convey my point. What did that mean… it means I have the ability to put a tremendous amount of focus and attention into something I am passionate about, more than most people. All I had to do was to redirect that type of energy into a positive passion. What can you redirect to use as your strength? Remember… I can help you with my FREE discovery call… click here to book.

5. I also have a FREE Mindset Shift Guide and a FREE training that will help you with this. Click the links to check them out.

Step 2 is… you guessed it… finding, knowing, and understanding your strengths A.K.A. superpowers. You will gain a better understanding of them once your foundation is set. Basically… it comes with the territory!

Step 3 is to … set an action/goal based on your foundation which utilizes your strengths A.K.A. superpowers.

Step 4 is to wrap your Foundation, Strengths, and Goals all together and bind it with the glue that are your traits! You MUST know what traits you need for sustainment and beyond!

In a nutshell… play your game using your strengths A.K.A. superpowers! I know it’s a lot to dissect and that is why I am here and offering my FREE discovery call to help you… click here to book.

That’s it for now… Oh- wait… I forgot to tell you that my book “Turn Down The Noise”, also helps with all of this.

Book your FREE discovery call with me today!


Justin Rambo on behalf of Versatile Success LLC

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